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Brooklyn Immigration Lawyer

The Law Office of Jason A. Dennis offers legal assistance for every complication you might face in the immigration process. Our experience covers cases from issues with visas to citizenship, to deportation cases, and even to asylum seekers. 

You can reach our professional Brooklyn immigration lawyers at 516-494-7373 with your immigration query or schedule an initial consultation and see what we can do to help you.

Find the Right Brooklyn Immigration Attorney

Nearly 2.6 million New Yorkers call Brooklyn home, with nearly 40% of that number being immigrants. Brooklyn offers a diverse culture and welcoming atmosphere, in addition to a wide range of opportunities for shopping, entertainment, and employment. The ability of immigrants and their families to stay here legally can depend on finding the right immigration lawyer in Brooklyn. At The Law Office of Jason A. Dennis, we will work on your behalf to solve any immigration issues, from problems with visas to deportation hearings, that may threaten you or your family's ability to legally remain in the United States. 

Avoid Issues with Federal Immigration Authorities

An experienced Brooklyn immigration attorney can offer you and your family the legal support and knowledge needed to successfully navigate common immigration issues. The right attorney will help you evaluate your current status and develop the most effective strategy to submit a successful immigration application for you or your family members, deal with the possible consequences of a visa overstay, or handle any actions you may face from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), or other federal agencies.

The experienced immigration attorneys at the Law Office of Jason A. Dennis can offer the expert assistance you need to effectively and quickly resolve issues and reach the best possible solution to your legal challenges.

Brooklyn Immigration Lawyer

Dealing With Immigration Problems

Working with the right Brooklyn immigration lawyer can be especially important to families or individuals lacking the correct documents for residence in the United States. They will be best equipped to offer you the support and knowledge needed to resolve visa issues and aid you in reaching permanent residency status.

An experienced attorney can work with you to find the quickest and most effective method of securing citizenship, a work permit, or a temporary visa for yourself or your family. Finding an immigration law firm with extensive knowledge of U.S. immigration law will offer you the best chance to achieve a desirable outcome in your bid for legal immigrant status. 

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At The Law Office of Jason A. Dennis we offer specialized service on a range of immigration issues: 

Green Card Applications

We offer legal counsel to those aiming to obtain a green card. Whether your permanent resident sponsor is a family member or spouse, from inside or outside of the United States, we have the tools and experience in immigration law to help make you a legal green card holder as quickly and simply as possible, and to help you avoid making costly mistakes that could impact your immigration status.

Naturalization and Citizenship

Naturalization is usually a simple process, but there can be a lengthy list of requirements to meet depending on your circumstances. We are prepared to offer guidance throughout to help you and your family become American citizens.

Asylum and Refugee status

Individuals may be approved for asylum or to receive refugee status if they fear persecution based on:

  • Religious beliefs
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Political opinion
  • Membership in a specific social group

We have experience in assisting individuals who have suffered harm or who face harm should they return to their home countries. This can be invaluable in aiding those seeking asylum or refugee status in what is already a trying time in their lives.

Need help with immigration issues?

We pride ourselves on providing personal attention to each and every client, advising them of the status of their case every step of the way.
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Deportation Defense

Our deportation attorneys will assist immigrants who face removal from the United States, whether your case is currently before the New York City Immigration Court, or if you have received a prior order of removal. Contact us to begin building the strongest possible defense for your deportation hearing.

Hire a Brooklyn Immigration Lawyer

At The Law Office of Jason A. Dennis, we are dedicated to providing the best possible solution to any immigration situation, whether simple or complex. We will treat you with respect while handling your case in a timely, effective, and efficient manner to provide your family with the most practical and effective solutions for all your legal requirements. Call our New York immigration law firm to schedule a free initial consultation today.

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